I have been out and about on the third rock since ’74, this blog is about some of my time here, my experiences, how and when I’ve inspected, adapted, my opinions and whatever I choose to share.

Take what you get, feel free to leave your feedback behind.

Getting in touch

Be it agile coaching, your startup, social transformation, empathy, poverty alleviation, preventing extremism, human rights, 9Others or just shooting the breeze, feel free to reach out over Linkedin and/or Twitter.

The wanderer spirit has taken me in and out of the following boundaries so far:

• Afghanistan • Belgium • Bulgaria • Czech Republic  • Egypt • England • Finland • France  • Germany • Holland • India • Iran • Ireland • Italy • Switzerland  • Luxembourg  • Pakistan  • Turkey  • Malaysia • Morocco • Northern Ireland  • Qatar  • Republic of Ireland • Romania  •  Saudi Arabia • Scotland • Singapore • Spain • Sweden • USA • United Arab Emirates  • Vatican • Wales