Agile is a natural state of being – life evolved over time through inspection and adaption at a cellular level. We inspect and adapt on a daily basis when we make decisions; to take the motorway or to avoiding it, walk out with an umbrella or not! We use data and patterns we are familiar with to do so, that is agility. How we implement it using frameworks and tools to facilitate and compliment the thought process is agile.

I facilitate people and organisations to nurture an agile mindset that is geared towards responsiveness to change, through empirical experimentation. This is supported by the adoption of tools and processes to deliver value often, and to learn from the experience to continuously improve.

If you’d like to share a good brew and explore how we can work together, where I can facilitate you, your team(s) and organisation to seed and nurture an agile mindset please feel free to get in touch.

As for where I can add value… I am an entrepreneur turned intrapreneur turned agile coach! What I’ve achieved across multiple verticals is best reflected by feedback and recommendations from people I have worked with. You can view them here, and you can get in touch with me via LinkedIn.