Boundaryless Agile

Just to be clear this post is not about Business AgilityAgile, SCRUM, SCRUMBAN, KANBAN, DSDM, ATERN  but about implementing Agile practises across the value chain;  that’s activities a business performs in order to deliver a product or service for a market. It is about introducing Agile across functions without being tied down to any particular flavour of Agile, It scratches the surface by introducing methods and tools provided for by different Agile methodologies to make each component/activity of an enterprise truly Agile, thereby introducing boundaryless Agile across the enterprise.

Boundaryless Agile is the process of taking Agile methods and tools beyond delivery of tech or tech related business activities… its not about software development! its about adapting Agile tools and techniques across the board from marketing to account management to strategic scenario planning and more… to ensure the enterprise as a whole benefits from Agile processes, tools and techniques.

Once you start getting to grips with different Agile methodologies; DSDM, SCRUM, SCRUMBAN their tools, techniques and processes you will realise you have already been practising Agile-ish in different parts of your enterprise’s value chain… by embracing the methodologies their tools and techniques wholeheartedly you will find your efficacy improve leaps and bounds.

Agile comes naturally to most of us, or so I would like to believe! however we do need a framework to structure our natural instincts to timebox, prototype, measure, reflect and iterate… so that we have a framework to create and design options with outcomes in focus, know what and how to measure; to compare, learn, adapt and improve with every successive iteration… regardless of it being a scheduled release, reducing the response time on support tickets, getting the next new hire ‘right’, reducing the time it takes to close a new sale or ensuring visibility of progress across your team(s)/organisation.

Its hard to sum up my experiences of practising boundary less agile over the past 16 years into a single post, so as a primer to many posts on the topic to come… I have put together what a value chain looks like and where within it different Agile tools and techniques can be adapted to deliver improving efficiency and efficacy. Of course this is not an exhaustive list and much depends on your enterprise culture, team and individual capabilities, and of course it is service centric!

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If you are interested to learn more about introducing boundary less agile in your organisation feel free to reach out on Linkedin or Twitter to explore the opportunities and possibilities boundary less agile could uncover for your enterprise.

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