Building borderless entrepreneurial ecosystem – Peace Through Prosperity and 9others – road to Yemen!

At Peace Through Prosperity we know firsthand the impact people-to-people support networks bring, having a trusted network is something no entrepreneur should be without.

With 9others we have been delivering these for micro-entrepreneurs in marginalised communities since 2014. Combined with our mini-MBA and coaching programmes for micro-entrepreneurs this additional level of support has become an invaluable compliment for beneficiaries we work with.

As of October 2018 we have hosted 30+ dinners and lunches to enable micro-entrepreneurs to leverage each other, build inter and intra community cohesion as part of our Peace building programmes.

Leveraging our combined skills & experiences Peace Through Prosperity and 9others have set out to enable many more marginalised micro-entrepreneurs write their own narrative of change to build a better future for themselves, their family and community.

Our vision is to accelerate social transformation in marginalised communities, with Sanaa in Yemen our first joint pilot programme. Along the lines of what Peace Through Prosperity has done in Karachi (Pakistan) for nearly 700 individuals and 5000 of their direct dependents in conflict affected and marginalised communities.

Our programmes and framework are open source across cities 9others are currently in and organically expand to.

Our values and principles align, we believe in enabling individuals and communities to self organise, we believe in ground up change that is incremental and iterative, we believe in cross pollination from digital transformation to social transformation and most important of all we believe in open source principles to learn, share and scale.

We inspected our individual reach, potential and impact – and adapted to address what needs addressing on our pale blue dot at speed and scale.

If this resonates with you, get in touch with myselfSaharKatieMatthew, or our peace ambassadors GabbyYuliaSyedaAbidMeaganLuckyGabrielleSalma and/or Nadia.

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