Seekh Kebab Crawl

Karachi-Seekh-Kebab-Bandu-Khan-062015-04 This is blowing off steam Karachi style, feel a little burnt out by the day… close it by sampling one of the top five comfort foods on offer! seekh kebabs!
So this evening undeniably the two picky connoisseurs of seekh kebab took to a few of Karachi East’s well known Kebab eateries, namely; Ansari Kebab House, Bandu Khan, Jehangir Meerat and Ghaffars’s Kebab house. Introducing our seekh kebab Connoisseurs; Ishtiaq-Ur-Rehman and yours truly of course.
It was a time boxed Kebab crawl, and got short further by what we found at a couple of the more spoken of kebab houses. Our seekh kebab rating scale:
  1. Texture: how well the mince and spices are grounded and the moistness of the minced meat.
  2. Spices: balance of spices
  3. Lightness: lightness of the kebab (a subjective measure of the amount of ghee mixed in in to the mince and spices)
  4. Service.

Karachi East Seekh Kebab Crawl Results

Bandu Khan in Sindhi Muslim
We were greeted by Gul an old timer at Bandu Khan’s a charming character, the right karma to kick off a kebab crawl! Bandu Khan serve their seekh kebabs in a pyrex dish keeping the kebabs hot for longer! and it works! +1. The balance of spices was perfect, just the right amount of ghee and of course the texture was spot on.
Abdul Ghaffar Kebab House in Bahadurabad
We were shuttled to the cashier the moment the waiters found out our order was small, the cashier informed us that Ghaffar’s don’t sell Seekh Kebab! but having made our way to this much talked about kebab house we decided to review their Chicken seekh kebabs, these were stodgy and bland waste of an otherwise pretty good chicken!
Zameer Ansari Kebab Centre in Bahadurabad
Zameer Ansari had to be the most awkward visit of the evening, much to our annoyance we found out this Kebab Centre does not sell seekh kebabs, not even chicken ones! as a self proclaimed kebab centre this is an epic fail! though they did score on service, they were damn apologetic about not serving Seekh kebabs!
Jehangir Meerat Kebab House on Tipu Sultan Road
As far as spices go Meerat’s is on the hotter side, though the texture was perfect Meerat lost out on their kebab’s not being as light as they can be, a bit too much ghee mixed into the mince for our liking. However Meerat did kill it on service! we got served the last plate of khiri kebabs without having ordered it – the chaps there know Ishtiak’s favourite kebab from their eatery! 


The Verdict!
As hard as it is to accept the favourite dig ranks a close second… it is true! Meerat sits close to but not at the top! I may have to revise an earlier post!Bandu Khan’s was by far the best seekh kebab on offer between the eateries we visited.
Until the next crawl.


enjoy the kebabs and feel free to post your recommendations for us to try out in the comments.


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Camping in Dubai

November was huge for the Open Source community in Middle Earth, Those who attended Drupal Camp Karachi on 2nd November and Dubai on the 30th of November 2013 made history. I shall get to Karachi later, this post is about Dubai Camp, challenges of organising it and the outcome of the journey that started in June 2013.


As organisers our focus was both quality and quantity of course; share best practises, tools and knowledge with as many as possible! though we did not get the quantity, 80+ were invited 55 were expected and the campers peaked at lunch with a turn out of 45… and for the last session and closing we had 20.

Organising Dubai camp was a challenge for the organising committee… though committee sounds grand! there was me, Ahmed Koshok and Massoud Al-Shareef, with two regionals on board you might expect things to be easier but with no boots on the ground mobilisation of the community, securing the venue, putting the logistics in place was always going to be a challenge! but planning for it made it that tad bit easier.

DCAE_Email_Volume_2013 At first there was just me (and making very slow progress), then Ahmed came on board and both of us dragged the vision of Dubai camp a fair distance but nowhere close to the starting line… then in Massoud we found a regional champion and a reliable network on the ground to go through the red tape… that was Hani Hejazi; and securing the venue was Hani’s feat. From start to finish organising Dubai camp took 6 months!

DCAE_pic_4_2013 DC Dubai had a strong contingent of local/regional Drupal rockstars in attendance and that was the magic sauce in Dubai camp, from a total of 16 speakers/trainers we had 9 local/regional speakers/trainers and that was a coup for any first camp I have attended or been a part of in Middle Earth.

At Dubai camp there were many firsts! the faculty was not just curious but participatory and super supportive, Professor Jassim Jirjees the program director for MLIS was in attendance and his staff ensured everything ran like clockwork!

To top it all Professor Muthanna G. Abdul Razzaq the president of AUE announced a full scholarship for anyone applying from within the Drupal community… we shall get the details for application, prerequisites etc and post them on our Facebook page.

A super supportive and involved institution, local rockstars in attendance, informed and engaging speakers, an awesome regional community to network with and a tasty lunch… made it epic.

From Ahmed Koshok, Massoud Al-Shareef and me a huge thank you shoutout to:

And I would not have been able to co-organise Dubai Camp had it not been for Ahmed Koshok, Massoud Al-Shareef, Jihan Al-Shareef, Hani Hijazi  and Marwa Ezzat – we made an awesome team folks! thank you and lets get going for the next one!

For session slides please follow the DrupalCamp Dubai twitter account and we shall be releasing the slides as and when we receive them from the speakers, a few are already up on Twitter.

Looking forward to hearing about meet-ups in KSA, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan and beyond!


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Camping in the fall – Middle Earth beckons

Drupal There were four drupal camps  for 2013 on my radar… three firsts in Lahore, Karachi, Dubai and Islamabad’s second camp, and as with most plans.. things got skewed after Lahore!

Back in March at Drupal Camp Lahore we had the unpleasant experience of an individual announce himself as a contender for  ‘douche of the community’ award!  spewing out bigoted, racist opinions about fellow community members  from Bangalore whilst we had the Bangalore community with us over Skype…  you can read the details here. Unfortunately that was not the last we heard from the ‘Douche’, instead of apologising and seeing the errors of his ways the ‘Douche’ having been taken to task by several members of the local community announced his own camps in Karachi and Dubai soon after, with dates to coincide to those organised by ourselves. So we called it a day in the summer and postponed Drupal Camp Karachi to November and Dubai thereafter. Yes… I am venting, am a little annoyed for there has been malice at work from the very start to sabotage the efforts to nurture a single cohesive community in Middle Earth.

Being the first in Karachi or Dubai was not the objective, doing it right was and remains! now on to the upside! Having my summer schedule blown wide open was great! I spent August in the high Atlas in Maroc, summited Tizi Agouri and M’Goun and came back rested and with fire in’me belly for the fall camps! 

DrupalCon_Prague_Logo_2013 September was Drupal Camp Belgium in Leuven and then of course the highlight of all things OS for the year DrupalCon Prague and catching up with friends from all over the rock and making some awesome new ones!

October has been a month of careful planning and absolute frenzy! all good though.

DCPKHI_Logo For Drupal Camp Karachi  the local organising committee and I roped in P@SHA and together they have worked tirelessly to ensure Karachi camp would be worthy of  Karachi’s Drupal Community and the awesome city Karachi is (the economic hub of Pakistan and the third most populated city proper on the rock). The venue is the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), folks at IBA jumped on board with epic enthusiasm from the get go! Karachi camp has a little under 400 delegates registered, 13 speakers from 11 different countries! Karachiites have been awesome! and the credit goes to P@SHA and the local organising committee. I have no doubt Karachi Camp will be epic in proper Karachi style.. on the 2nd of November 2013.

With Karachi sorted, well almost sorted it was time to turn my attention to Dubai, and little surprise the Douche was all over D.O with a Drupal camp in Dubai and had it been properly executed I would have conceded that my job has been done and any further efforts to that end redundant, but that was hardly the case. So Ahmed from Acquia and I ignored the meetup dressed up as a camp and ploughed ahead with Drupal Camp Dubai.

facebook_page Once again the credit goes to local community members Massoud Al-Shareef, Hani Hejazi, Marwa Ezzat from KnowledgeWARE Technologies who have been epic! with neither Ahmed or me on the ground in Dubai the team from  KnowledgeWARE came to our aid and stepped in where we physically could not! thank you for making it happen! Drupal Camp Dubai is scheduled for the 9th of November at the American University in the Emirates with a strong contingent of local Drupal rockstars and international speakers!

Stay tuned…

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DrupalCon Prague 2013 – Reflections

DrupalCon_Prague_Logo_2013 Coming up to a week  since DrupalCon Prague, caught up with my girls, emails, calls, follow ups and all else… time to reflect.

I stand by my verdict of the 26th of Sept: @drupalcon #Prague No #Munich but No #Croydon either but an informative fun week. That is to some annoyance of a few fellow community members and possibly some folks at DA… folks there was and is no offence intended, someone has to lay it out as it is and I did share the feedback in person with DA and not just tweeted it on my way to the airport HA!

The host city was awesome, the venue was well their congress centre (the best they had to offer I suppose) but the connectivity there sucked! the food though not that important could have been much better, the sessions that I have been catching up on line were good though more diversity is key for the future… representation across the continents please! BoFs were super useful no doubt and some of the SWAG was nice, some just awesome – Acquia and Deeson win the SWAG award!

DrupalCon_Prague_201325 11.51.49 Having said all of that the most awesome thing about DrupalCon Prague was the connectedness! on that note Prague won hands down! out did Munich too!

I am going to be at DrupalCon Austin which will be my first DrupalCon across the pond and knowing how conferences go over the Atlantic am sure it will be mind blowing and if not you will hear about it in person. As for DrupalCon Amsterdam… it can be nothing short of epic! but then most peeps who have been to the Netherlands would say that!

It was great seeing old friends and making new ones and looking forward to the next Cons and upcoming Camps across the third rock.

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Reset, recharge… Jebel MGoun via Oest and Aghouri (Oughri)

The trip was epic! thank you BV 🙂

My tent in the Arouse Valley....

As expected Ali Ait Itchu put together an amazing itinerary that  was  full of local flavour, no holds barred! Ali’s crew (Issa, Ismael, Mustafa) was brilliant and the experience epic. Our itinerary:

Day 1) Marrakesh airpot to Agouti in the bouguemez valley

Day 2) Agouti to Arouse valley (the afternoon free to explore the awesome Arouse Gorge)

Jebel_Mgoun_Trek_Route_2013 Low_Res Day 3) Arouse to Tarkeddit Refuge (2910m) via Tizi Agouri (n’Oughri) (3400m)

Day 4) Ascent of Mgoun (4068m) via the subsidiary peak of Mgoun Oest (3978m) and a spectacular ridge walk to the summit. Then down to Camping near the wadi M’Goun (Oulilimt)

Day 5) Wadi M’Goun / Oulilimt to Tighremi n-Ait Ahmed

Day 6) Tighremi n-Ait Ahmed to Tabant via the Aït-Imi Pass (2905m)

Day 7) Drive back to Marrakesh.

As for how epic the journey was… I’l let the pictures paint that for you.

An epic adventure to Jebel M’Goun and back from Kubair Shirazee on Vimeo.

One more option to look on her packing at it levitra vardenafil it of course to take not so simply because a form another and there is a wish to hold in hand her not so strongly. You can carry by me on a wide field.