Building borderless entrepreneurial ecosystem – Peace Through Prosperity and 9others – road to Yemen!

At Peace Through Prosperity we know firsthand the impact people-to-people support networks bring, having a trusted network is something no entrepreneur should be without.

With 9others we have been delivering these for micro-entrepreneurs in marginalised communities since 2014. Combined with our mini-MBA and coaching programmes for micro-entrepreneurs this additional level of support has become an invaluable compliment for beneficiaries we work with. Continue reading

it has been a while…

….since a post on the blog and though i can not promise frequency I shall share stuff more often! beginning with the most awesome logo designed for the muay thai nạkreīyn in me by Sehb ‘iloveamicemassmurderer’ Zaidi…. I give you K-bear. …training at with Steve ‘the boss’ Gladstone, Kieren ‘the kid’ Keddle, Jake ‘Brutal’ Bostwick and Dan Harris.