Female entrepreneurs leading by example with double digit growth in revenues and profitability!

Back in March 2019 the Peace Through Prosperity team completed their mini-MBA program with 31 female micro-entrepreneurs from Ibrahim Hyderi, Karachi.

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In April and May 2019 the team and participants regrouped in workshops exchanging experiences since the classes, application of learnings, sharing successes and crowd sourcing options for challenges they have been facing post intervention.

The team used the opportunity to capture metrics on growth of their enterprises, impact of our programs on transforming livelihoods, lives and mindset.

I’m sharing the livelihood metrics with you in this short post.

Over a two month period participants have registered an average 38.58% growth in revenues and 45.54% growth in profitability.


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Their take home net profit has gone up from $0.48/day to $0.70/day, this may seem like a minute amount to us in developed economies in Europe and US but in ‘real’ terms it is a significant change for our participants, their family and community.

May they grow their enterprises from strength to strength!

A huge thank you to the Peace Through Prosperity team for their commitment and dedication to transforming their city!

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