Hosting my first 9others meal!

Having benefited from a few good meals with 9others on home turf and being totally sold on the concept I wanted to test the waters in Islamabad, with Katie & Matthew’s blessing Islamabad got its first taste of 9others on the 31st of March 2013.

9others_meal_Islamabad_31_March_2013 My first 9others meal as a host, and that too an inaugural meal in Islamabad, a few thoughts:

1) it was a great experience but boy is it hard work!

2) it was jawsome fun!

3) The locals connected with the concept from the get go!

4) I might have been a bit of a dictator chairing the meal!

The venue was House of Bombay run by Aamir Akhter, the place serves incredible Pakistani food, its home cooked stuff away from home! probably one of the reasons for its phenomenal growth and popularity! the other being its delightful host.

The mix of diners was great, it was 8others as one of the guests could not make it but we made up for it! we had tech, renewable energy, talent management, PR and two development sector orgs represented on the evening…

Of the techs there… two had very complimentary products one looking for its first pilot and the second well entrenched in the same space! what coincidence! am sure we’ll hear of their collaboration soon!

I might have taken my duties as a moderator/curator a little too seriously but hey someone had to keep the kids in line!9others_meal_Islamabad_31_March_2013_2

Highlight of the evening was finding two candidates to be local hosts to make a good meal with 9others a regular thing in Islamabad! the first good meal with 9others in Islamabad is now the first of many! and I am looking forward to being a guest at a good meal with 9others on my next visit to Islamabad!

Looking forward to another first now in Karachi in 4 days time!

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