Peace Through Prosperity- 2017 a retrospective – inspect, adapt, expand. #Agile #OpenSource #SocialTransformation

Third Cohort of women entrepreneurs partaking in Peace Through Prosperity's mini-MBA program.

Third Cohort of women entrepreneurs partaking in Peace Through Prosperity’s mini-MBA program.

2017 was epic, turbulent, encouraging, phenomenal, hard, exciting, exploratory, reflective, transformative, fulfilling and a successful year for Peace Through Prosperity. Thanks to its incredible team, ambassadors and supporters. Thank you all.

2017 by numbers

  • 9 month engagement in 11 marginalised areas of Karachi, Pakistan
  • 304 male beneficiaries completed mini-MBA for micro-entrepreneurs
    • across 5 separate trades*
    • delivered average revenue growth: 10%
    • average profitability growth: 108%
    • and created 19 new jobs.

In real terms this translates to individual micro-entrepreneurs taking home an extra $142 per month. Their daily net (take home) income has grown from $4.4/day to $9.13/day. That’s not it! 19 unemployed individuals found jobs created by the growth experienced by the micro-entrepreneurs. An individual micro-entrepreneur and their immediate family benefited for sure, and so did their local community.


  • 3 month engagement in 1 marginalised area of Karachi, Pakistan
  • 85 female beneficiaries completed mini-MBA for micro-entrepreneurs
    • across 3 separate trades*
    • delivered average revenue growth: 17.5%
    • and average profitability growth: 47%

In real terms this translates to daily net (take home) income has grown from $0.63/day to $0.93/day.  


  • Successfully completed second multi-year grant program with a donor agency.
  • Validated scalability of engagement methodology and programs.
  • Transformed the lives of 703 individuals directly and impacted 4,569 individuals indirectly.
  • Signed up first corporate sponsor – #thankyou
  • Signed up Orangi Pilot Project first partner to adopt Peace Through Prosperity’s open source mini-MBA program. #thankyou
  • Got the attention of, and #thankyou


  • Failed to obtain further grants and funding to continue delivering mini-MBA programs directly to beneficiaries.

Though this set back has an impact on Peace Through Prosperity’s ability to engage in communities directly, it has been a catalyst to accelerate the search for adopters of Peace Through Prosperity’s open source programs so that transformation of lives in marginalised communities continues.

To that end Peace Through Prosperity has partnered with Orangi Pilot Project  to expand Peace Through Prosperity’s mini-MBA programs to Orangi Pilot Project and it’s 68 partner NGOs operating in 40 cities/towns and about 2,198 villages in Pakistan.

This partnership has a back story… as part of the 2017 program, Peace Through Prosperity took on 70 micro-entrepreneurs from Orangi Pilot Project‘s catchment in Orangi Town, Karachi and delivered 15% growth in revenue and 108% growth in profits for 65 of the 70 micro-enterprises (5 beneficiaries dropped out). 

For Orangi Pilot Project, Peace Through Prosperity’s programs completes the microfinance equation!

Micro-entrepreneur + micro-finance + mini-MBA = Improved livelihood security

For microfinance organisations immediate and direct benefit of Peace Through Prosperity’s programs is reduced risk of financial default, improved recovery rates and a validated means to further their objective of improving the lives of marginalised communities.

Looking ahead

As for 2018, focus of a significantly reduced Peace Through Prosperity team is to enable and consult Orangi Pilot Project teams to successfully roll out Peace Through Prosperity’s programs amongst their direct beneficiaries and through partner NGOs. The combined objective being to validate the viability of an open source social transformation framework to be adopted at scale. Thereby encouraging other NGOs to adopt the framework so that more communities can benefit from low cost, immediate impact social transformation programs that are freely available under an open source model.

#alleviatingPoverty #SocialTransformation #PreventingExtremism and improving #LivelihoodSecurity

Lastly, If Peace Through Prosperity’s work touched a nerve then consider contributing, you can follow, broadcast or donatePeace Through Prosperity’  is looking for corporate sponsors looking to support community enablement and entrepreneurship development in marginalised communities. interested… get in touch with me, Sahar or Peace Through Prosperity’s ambassadors, we would appreciate you making time to learn more about Peace Through Prosperity, it’s mission and why we choose to support it. #Thankyou


* Details of Peace Through Prosperity’s results are available in their four year retrospective report that you can download here.


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