Seeding and maturing agility in large enterprises

Last month I was at DrupalJam XL for a second consecutive year. Thank you for having me folks! as always visiting .NL is an adventure!

For many years at Cons and Camps my topic has revolved around agile lead social transformation and recalibrating our #GiveBack, and thank you again for giving me numerous opportunities to share my raison d’etre i.e. Peace Through Prosperity.

However this year I wanted to recalibrate my own giveback to the community by sharing what I have and continue to learn about seeding and maturing agility in large enterprises across telco’s, media, retail, pharmaceuticals and healthcare. Hope my musings provide you with some food for thought!

Slides from the talk…

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading/watching. If you gained some value from my musing please consider giving back by contributing to @BringPTP, you can followbroadcast or donate.

Peace Through Prosperity works to improve the environment for peace building by nurturing prosperity in conflict affected communities. We work to alleviate poverty and secure livelihoods through empowering micro-entrepreneurs from vulnerable and marginalised individuals/groups in society with knowledge, skills and increasing their access to income and opportunities.

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