Developing User Stories – Beyond the Basics

User stories when developed and utilised correctly are the most powerful agile technique to capture product functionality, though writing user stories may seem easy, writing good stories is hard. Furthermore most of us get fixated and seldom go beyond the basics, and end up with visibly complete but useless user stories!User Story anecdote Sept 2015

Components of a User Story evolve/grow both vertically (spawn more Epics) and horizontally (become more involved) – their state of completion changes during the product and sprint backlog’s lifecycle. In the deck below I explore individual components that make up a ‘complete’ and ‘ready for dev’ user story, it is based on personal successes and failures and is by its agile nature an incomplete deck! it will evolve and as it does I’ll keep you folks updated.


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Peace Through Prosperity (PTP) improves the local/domestic environment for peace by nurturing prosperity in conflict affected geographies. PTP alleviates poverty, prevents radicalisation through empowering micro-entrepreneurs with knowledge, skills, ability and increasing their access to income and opportunities. PTP supports small businesses, owned/managed by vulnerable and marginalised individuals/groups in society.

PTP is innovating program design and delivery by using Agile design and delivery frameworks to create and deliver low cost, immediate and lasting impact social development programs in ‘at risk’ communities.

Agile for Peace at ALE 2015 (Agile Lean Network)

Agile Lean Network With international development programs seen as hit and miss exercises and foreign aid failing to create the impact our policies desire the question is why are non-­governmental organisations not adopting Agile/SCRUM in mass to design and deliver programs that deliver immediate and lasting benefits.  Over the course of 2 years Peace Through Prosperity; a social enterprise has designed, prototyped, deployed an Agile, data driven social transformation program to alleviate poverty amongst the working poor and provide food security to the marginalised and vulnerable in conflict affected regions, in doing so reducing the risk of the community being radicalised or harbouring sympathy for extremist belief systems and organisations .

I’d like to thank the ALE community for the opportunity to share the journey, their time and feedback, thank you.

Members of the audience who expressed an interest in utilising our materials and learnings for similar programs in their own communities regardless of their geography, please reach out and lets make this happen! lets OpenSource our way to a better World.

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Trajectory of Transformation… the future will judge us

Chicago_Michigan_Avenue_2 In an age of innovation lead connectedness and transformation it is up to us to ensure this age is one of human progress. From medium to long term socio-economic development, sustainability, political and judicial reforms to short term assistance for the multitudes suffering from the ever unfolding financial, economic and in some parts conflict driven crisis.

Innovation lead transformation should be more than just creating wealth, it should be about re-thinking of how as a society we progress; from how we allow corporations to influence our lives, our media, our consent, our representatives, our government and everything in between.

It is more than the occupy movement, anonymous and the springs from the Middle East to Wall street, it is greater than all of the above combined, it is about the 99% reclaiming the rock for the 100%. It is about innovation of our society to be better equipped for the challenges we face today and in the decades to come.

We are privileged to be living in this age, where inventions and innovations of the past have matured, been improved upon and nurtured an environment where science and technology has crossed the chasm and entered the age of greatness, that is if we harness these instruments and use them for the betterment of society and think beyond the machinery of want.

Interaction in our age has already been redefined across the board, from nano-technology to synthetic biology to the informatics tools that make sense of the data cloud, have and continue to change interaction at all levels from bringing us closers together, empowering us as communities. To natural interaction and near field communications that have made sci-fi sci-fact, wider adoption of NFC, RFID are driving the internet of things here and now,  social media, 3D printing, open source software and hardware are transforming the power of corporates and empowering the connected masses. Haptic technology and bionic innovations are bringing connectedness to the disabled amongst us. Yet for all the progress it could be argued innovation and connectedness is also being used to disable society, to encroach upon our privacy to snoop and profile communities to create disconnectedness, to skew the trajectory of transformation itself, to maintain the status quo, to defy evolution of our civilisation.

We are living the transformation and as individual, citizens and communities have the power to decide if this age is looked upon as the age of technology enabled greatness or something dark by our future generations.

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