The Right is Rising – Regressive Transformation

Far-Right-Parties-2015 The world is going to shit and shit is moving closer to home.

An anti-fascist, anti-establishment institution that laid bare the ills, evils and warts in society gets attacked by a fascist group further strengthening the rise of fascists in Europe and beyond.

Opportunistic politicians from across the spectrum jump on the opportunity to make currency out of another atrocity, what Charlie Hebdo stands for finds itself under attack… again by monsters after the fact.

They are getting closer and closer…. fascists in all shapes and guises, in the name of God, colour, ethnicity, liberty, pushing fascist wares at us. Working hard to convince us to build walls and burn bridges for the sake of our own safety.

Tweet-Rupert-Murdoch-Controverisla_Rowling_is_just_one_of_many_celebrities_politician-a- Divisions and inequality are the seeds sowed by our ancestors whose bitter fruits we reap, we talk of an unwillingness to integrate, but what have we done to facilitate that journey for 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations of migrants who were shipped in for cheap labor and pushed to the fringes once they had served their purpose. Or for that matter the indigenous inhabitants who got marginalised by the arrival of the outsiders.

Our social framework is geared to consume and discard, it is broken.

Ghettos-and-Greed-Quote Be it Berlin, Bradford, Paris, Lille or London there exist ghettos of discontent and marginalisation, not limited to a single brand of God, ethnicity or colour. Breeding grounds for purveyors of darkness and monstrosity, again not limited to a single brand of God, ethnicity or colour.

Fascism in all its guises is on the rise, one feeding of another. Lets be careful of the narratives we buy into; those that break down the walls, uproot the inequality and divisions that risk setting us back a century, the darkness our ancestors fought against not too long ago.

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Britain’s place in the world after UK Parliament’s historic ‘No’ vote for war

Time for Great Britain to go to class on the Syrian conflict  Great_Britain_2013_1 Cameron, Osborne, Nick and the minority of our Parliament did not quite get what Britain said to them with a NO vote for going to war with Syria. George Osborne thinks “…there will be a national soul-searching about our role in the world and whether Britain wants to play a big part in upholding the international system, be that a big open and trading nation that I’d like us to be or whether we turn our back on that,” To the contrary I’d argue Britain found its soul! an independent mature soul that no longer wishes to tow the line wherever it may take us, instead puts the will of the British people / common sense and the good of the world first! Britain has a heritage and depth of experience that is unparalleled in the western world when it comes to dealing with foreign cultures and conflicts, and it is the elder statesmen in Britain that needs to put the right foot forward and lead the world in resolving the Syrian crisis. Britain should reinvigorate the dialogue to resolve the conflict… which means Cameron and William Hague need to do some soul searching themselves. David Cameron, Nick Clegg, George Osborne and William Hague – do you still want to align yourselves with Saudi, Qatari and Turkish interests or are you now ready to put Britain’s interests first. In my some what simplistic opinion my government needs to work with the United Nations and seal the Syrian borders, preventing the flow of arms to Saudi/Qatari/Turkish backed Al-Qaeda terrorists as well as to the Syrian national army (from Iran) – thereby starving all sides of ammunition. Enforce international law on Syria’s borders. Play the role of the mature state. Table a resolution at the United Nations to place embargoes on Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Iran for financing international terrorism, which all of these countries are guilty of. PeaceTHroughProsperity_At_NOWAR_Rally_2013_Aug At the same time work with the Russians to contain Iran and Hezbollah, work with the United States to contain Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. This will get all sides to the table for dialogue. Russian’s are not fools, we have been talking peace with them for Syria whilst turning a blind eye to Saudi, Qatar and Turkey providing arms to the Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria, time to play fair Mr Cameron and stop looking both ways. The eventual solution may be dismemberment of Syria, it may be free and fair elections to unite Syria… or it may be something else but whatever it is, it can only be explored and arrived at through dialogue in the right environment for dialogue. Britain can take the high ground on the table of elders by playing the game of an elder statesmen; and that is Britain’s soul.

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The beacons of Gondor

riders_of_Rohan Following much debate at Peace Through Prosperity we agreed on the principle for launching the Peace Ambassadors Program, and it goes like this:

“We believe engaging marginalised individuals would be easier if the funding was generated from real people with a common goal of preserving and bettering global civil society as a community…. this would maintain our neutrality from any government’s policies and help us maintain a position of trust amongst our target audience.
To expand and do more, reach more and fix what is broken across the globe we need more likeminded people on board helping us spread the word through social media, helping us generate funds to keep the projects going and helping us build a better society for all the inhabitants of the third rock.”

It is built upon our belief in the spirit of the community, the community of the third rock.

Will it work? many moons in and still struggling to raise the total required funds for the Haripur project in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa I am sceptical, having said that I  believe we need our independence to engage with our target audience, it is critical for developing the level of trust we need to be able to have the conversations we do. We need friends not masters to help us prevent radicalisation.

Its a huge gamble. Will individuals or groups of individuals come to the aid of a distant community that Peace Through Prosperity is engaging with? a community sieged in their stand against a great evil.

The beacons of Gondor are lit.

One more option to look on her packing at it levitra vardenafil it of course to take not so simply because a form another and there is a wish to hold in hand her not so strongly. You can carry by me on a wide field.

Al-Qaeda’s new problem: Talent crunch!

Talent_War_Terror On July 22 Al-Qaeda in Iraq launched attacks on the prisons of Abu Ghraib and Taji, freeing as many as 800 prisoners. On July 27, an attack in Benghazi, Libya, freed more than 1,000 inmates, on July 29 more than 150 heavily armed Pakistani Taliban (affiliated to al-Qaeda) attacked the prison in Dera Ismail Khan freeing more than 250 prisoners and then drove away in a convoy in one of the most heavily militarised regions in the world.

Whether elements from within each one of these states was involved or not is not the object of this post, lets examine why Al-Qaeda has adopted a new tactic as suggested by Ahmed Rashid in the FT. Mr Rashid it is simple, it is a talent crunch that is being addressed by prison breaks! its head hunting with IEDs and AK47s!

There has been an influx of Al-Qaeda jihadists into Syria with the hope of creating an Al-Qaeda state in Middle Earth but engaging the Syrian Army backed by urban warfare specialists (Hezbollah) in a warped conventional sense has lead to unexpected heavy losses and hence a shortage of necessary talent in Syria and other theaters where Al-Qaeda and its affiliates are operating. No where else have Al-Qaeda jihadists faced such stiff opposition as they are facing in Syria from the Syrian national Army and Hezbollah (who have more experience of fighting in urban theaters than the Al-Qaeda jihadists). Al-Qaeda though suffering losses is committed to the cause, calling in re-enforcements from as far afield as Pakistan! The net effect of which has been a global talent crunch for Al-Qaeda that is being addressed by prison breaks.

Right now for Al-Qaeda recruitment and on-boarding cannot keep up with the losses in the field! and for that we have Syria’s tyrant and the Hezbollah to thank!
This is a great opportunity if our policy makers can capitalise on it – the opportunity to deal a significant long term blow to Al-Qaeda and its ability to commit and export terror!  A significant win for our camps in the Long War! At the moment our policy makers in London, DC and Brussels are guilty of the same sin as the Pakistani ISI…  looking both ways!  and there is much to be learned from the outcome of the ISI dancing with the devil!

Those of us who live in the realm of common sense know that targeting the ability of an organisation to acquire talent affects the ability of the organisation to operate effectively in the ‘now’ as well as its ability to grow in the future. Its time for soft war to take the front seat, its time to dent the ability of extremist networks to recruit and retain, time to go to war on their talent! its time to support Peace Through Prosperity; a preventive approach — intervention before individuals are radicalized and recruited.

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