Drupal Camp Tunis 2015 – Call to Action

Drupal-Tunisia-logo-3 Speaking to Willie Seabrook took me back to 2011-2012 when a few of us were trying to get Drupalists in Pakistan to morph into a local community, connect with the regional and global Drupal community and reap the benefits that come from the wisdom of the crowd. Willie is doing for Tunisian Drupal community what I did for the Pakistani Drupal community 3  odd years ago. I empathise with Willie’s, he’s got a task and a half ahead of him and we cannot not lend a hand… right!

Growing an OS community in any ecosystem leads to growth, opportunities, creation of jobs and wealth. Simply put it leads to socioeconomic transformation of the landscape be it a niche at a time. Such transformations are much needed in developing economies with high rates of youth unemployment, demographics skewed on the younger side and a shed load of socioeconomic challenges, simply put these are states for whom the stakes are very high.

Tunisia is one such ecosystem, with a high rate of unemployment amongst youth and women, economic grievances festering and successive caretaker governments busy fire fighting as opposed to nation building.

As activists, technologists and OS evangelists we can help! Willie’s motivations for establishing a vibrant Drupal community in Tunisia and North Africa are aligned with my own and with those of Peace Through Prosperity’s though targeted at a different category of entrepreneurs.

Tunisia produces more than 65,000 multilingual graduates a year, 61% of whom are women, 30% of these graduates are majoring in engineering, imagine the possibilities for transformation in Tunisia with significant uptake of Drupal and OS  platforms. Uptake of OS platforms by the Tunisian government could mean reduced cost of ownership of systems, more money to invest in public facing services, hopefully more digital governmental services, increased transparency, accountability…. and more… eventually.

As for why North Africa or Tunisia matters? because its part of our wider ecosystem, there is economic and political strife there that we should empathise with at some level and contribute what ever we can to support agents of change in that part of the 3rd rock.

What the nascent local community has achieved in the last 3 years arguably in isolation is phenomenal!  Willie and a few local enthusiasts have taken this enormous task upon themselves and have to date:

Drupal Camp Tunis is being held on the 30th of May 2015 and the asks from the global community are: DC Tunis needs speakers, you can skype in, hangout or fly in for a short break in Tunis, as with any nascent community they need financial support to grow the community and beyond the camp itself, perhaps virtual mentors. My call to action for friends, acquaintances and absolute strangers from the Drupal communities on the third rock is to extend whatever support you comfortably can; be it a speaking slot on Saturday 30th May, sponsor the event or a part of… if we all give a little push we can get the transformational wheels rolling a lot faster in Tunis and the region… and won’t that be nice.

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Digital inclusion – Bridging the Digital Divide – a case study

on-included Open source, open data and digital inclusion; a state, a condition and a right.

Digital inequality has meant those without access and means are restricted to their immediate market, Digital exclusion impacts the individual, the family, community and increasingly the ability to engage in the political and democratic process.

Peace Through Prosperity

The hypothesis; if we make the products and services of the micro-entrepreneurs accessible to the digitally included,  their micro-businesses will experience further growth and innovation in Karachi; a rapidly growing megacity in the developing world.
Within the Project’s environment (i.e. Karachi) majority if not all of the informal economy is digitally excluded; their services and wares are not discoverable online, therefore invisible to the digitally included. Simply not on the screens of the side where the wealth rests. Without a bridge connecting the two, likelihood of access to wider opportunities for the digitally excluded are greatly reduced. Connecting the two is a win-win, it provides all involved access to wider opportunities it.

Digitally Lead Social Transformation

PTP-GPS-EoC-Map_Dec-2014 Peace Through Prosperity is building that bridge for the 214 micro-entrepreneurs engaged in the project in Karachi and making them, their goods and services discoverable to the digitally included in the city and beyond.
Peace Through Prosperity is narrowing the digital divide further by making selective data on individual micro-entrepreneurs Open for local tech-entrepreneurs to make use of to create a wider market place for the micro-entrepreneurs. For example by building an App that uses the open data to enable the digitally included to locate fruit and vegetable vendors who provide home delivery services, or finding the juice and snack cart with the highest ratings in their locality… the opportunities are endless!
I shall keep y’all posted on progress.

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Agile, cups of tea, business growth and Social Transformation

For the first timers a brief intro to Peace Through Prosperity (BringPTP). This is what BringPTP does:

Digitally Lead Social Transformation If you’d like to learn more about BringPTP you can visit their website, follow them on Twitter, Facebook  and subscribe to their Vimeo channel to keep their pulse.

Now that you know what BringPTP does we can get into business growth and social transformation being delivered using Agile and cups of tea or their lack of.

Whilst deliberating on which change to introduce first and likelihood of its acceptance the BringPTP team proposed a ‘three cups of tea policy to reduce incidental costs for street based micro-entrepreneurs. The policy is ‘I will only buy three cups of tea per day regardless of who consumes them’. The BringPTP team decided to run this as a micro fail experiment over a two week period and to A/B test it with different groups of micro-entrepreneurs in that period. Having collected the data the ‘3 cups of tea per day policy’ got extended across 7 neighborhoods and 210+ participants in the program. The micro-fail experiment paid off.

Participants of the program who embraced the ‘3 cups of tea rule’ have saved PKR 10,000 (US $97) to PKR 12,000  (US $116) over a 3 month period. Some of them have used these savings to expand their micro-enterprises and creating local employment… the footage from the 2nd group workshop focuses on the impact of this experiment, the approach is paying off, Agile has gone boundary less and has proven to be a key component in delivering real, lasting socioeconomic change.

2nd Group Work Shop Combine Hijrat Colony And Sultanabad from Peace Through Prosperity on Vimeo.

Mohammad Zeeshan a vegetable seller from Hijrat Colony has expanded his customer base and is soon to launch a home delivery service, Zeeshan talks about marketing and service development! that’s a result! point being from his vocabulary to his worldview, everything has changed, for the better.

Rasool Khan a recent migrant from the North has doubled his daily revenue from PKR 300 (US $2.9) to PKR 700 (US $6.8) and has a powerful message for his peers.

Congratulations to the BringPTP team and a huge thank you to its supporters and ambassadors that include the Agile Community, the Drupal Community  and other pockets of awesome folks who do whatever they can to help BringPTP bring peace through prosperity.

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