Seeding and maturing agility in large enterprises

Last month I was at DrupalJam XL for a second consecutive year. Thank you for having me folks! as always visiting .NL is an adventure!

For many years at Cons and Camps my topic has revolved around agile lead social transformation and recalibrating our #GiveBack, and thank you again for giving me numerous opportunities to share my raison d’etre i.e. Peace Through Prosperity.

However this year I wanted to recalibrate my own giveback to the community by sharing what I have and continue to learn about seeding and maturing agility in large enterprises across telco’s, media, retail, pharmaceuticals and healthcare. Hope my musings provide you with some food for thought! Continue reading

The Children of Gaza – whose lives are seemingly worthless – نحن معكم أطفال غزة

U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay was treading a fine line when he  said  there was a “strong possibility” that Israel was committing war crimes in Gaza, for the IDF can do no wrong.

Since 2000 the IDF has murdered a Palestinian child every 3 days,  that’s 5110 children murdered over 14 years. Our society is so broken that individuals can not be seen to reach out to help the Palestinians without coming under a barrage of fire from the media;  Mesut Özil had to deny donating money to ease the suffering of the children of Gaza, in private conversations many of us watch what we say for calling a monster a monster is politically incorrect. Today compassion for our fellow human beings should they belong to the wrong side can and does make us extremists, terrorist sympathisers or even terrorists.  

Our media has finally silenced our conscience, at a collective and individual level. David Ward, a Liberal Democrat MP, has been forced to apologise after suggesting that he might be ready to fire rockets into Israel if he lived in Gaza, he has been trolled and hounded on social media for highlighting the power of empathy and the role it plays in bringing peace or ensuring peace has little hope for generations to come.  

What is being allowed to happen in Gaza will feed the dark narrative for generations to come, it will ensure that there are many more Germaine Lindsay, Mohammad Sidique Khan and others who buy into the dark side for which empathy is the commodity of choice. And our lack of empathy, activism and action too will feed the dark narrative and help other monsters brainwash, recruit, train, create new monsters and continue the circle of violence.

Our silence, inaction and failure to call a spade a spade will haunt our future generations too, if it doesn’t then we would have failed to bring them up as compassionate human beings.

For the children of Gaza the reality is that their lives are worthless, none of the bastions of freedom, democracy and human rights care.

My own government which I am ashamed to say I voted for is quick to draw when it comes to an opportunity to take a shot at the Russian bear, or eager to arm Islamic extremists to further unintelligible designs in Syria but is toothless when it comes to the slaughter of children of Gaza at the hands of the IDF.

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