Putting on a most awesome DrupalCamp! Speaker experiences… The Sponsor Files!

The first sponsor for DrupalCamp PK was engaged and secured in Finland at DrupalCamp Helsinki! other than finding a sponsor I met an awesome dood (Lebowksi ref for the uninitiated) from Aberdeen Cloud and it all started in Munich with me meeting Sampo the visionary!

and without further ado I give you Aaron Porter from Aberdeen Cloud…

Drupal Camp speaker feedback interview series – Aaron Porter from ikonami Technologies on Vimeo.

and thank you for your sponsorship guys!  much appreciated.

AberdeenCloud is the first Drupal Cloud platform to be known in one of the N-11 economies of the world!

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DrupalCamp Helsinki – Drupaling in Espoo and sharing experiences (to HEL and back)

Drupal Camp Helsinki The 6th official DrupaCamp in Finland was held at the Aalto University the second-oldest technical institution in Finland, based in Otaniemi in Espoo at their Open Innovation House which officially opened on 10th of September 2012. DrupalCamp had the privilege to use the venue for the first ever DrupalCamp in Finland organized together with a university and I had the privilege of Aalto University Espoo being invited to the event to speak about my experiences as a serial tech entrepreneur and a Drupal evangelist at this landmark occasion for DrupalCamp Finland.

In a word DrupalCamp Helsinki was awesome, in a few it was educational, inspiring and a lot of fun. The sessions that really jumped out were Sass/compass and icon fonts by Greg Fedorov; Greg did well to remove the mystery around Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets  with a very informative, free of jargon introduction to Compass. And a word for the developers ours and all those on the third rock wondering where to use SaSS… if a theme uses CSS it can benefit from SaSS too! and some tools to explore include LiveReload, FireSass for FireBug. And if you want to use SaSS and Compass with Omega or Bootstarp take a look at Sassy.

DruplCamp The session by Kalle Varisvirta on High performance on Drupal 7 was very informative his tips included using VARNISH in front of Drupal see: Varnish HTTP Accelerator Integration, also see Cache_Control. On the optimising social networking where a small amount of personalised content to slow the whole thing down Kalle’s suggestions included loading the whole page from varnish and then refreshing the live data feed parts with javascript – which is not the ideal solution as you have to then theme everything in javascript@ keeping themes updated in two places! but to get around this see: Front_Themer.

The last session that went down a storm for me was about an open source product called Galera by CoderShip, Galera is Drupal Camp synchronous multi-master cluster for MySQL databases which in plane english translates as Galera gives your MySQL database awesome scalability capabilities without the usual headaches. And a conversation with Seppo and Sakari from CoderShip during the coffee break was a real eye opener, Codership.com is coming the UK in December (3-4th) and Seppo will be speaking at the Percona Live MySQL Conference. I suggest those of us with an interest in scalability and DB performance get in touch with Seppo and if you don’t fancy the conference you can meet up with Seppo for drinks after the conference… don’t know where but I am going to be grabbing the crew from CoderShip for some drinks in London around the 4th or 5th of December.

Drupal Camp Entrepreneurship session by Kubair Shirazee


As for my session, it was fun! and Teppo Kallio from OneBro made my day but letting me know my talk inspired him! and then Jukka Paulin topped it by letting me know he’s been inspired to delve deeper into Drupal after my session… and meeting a a fellow Englander in a foreign land is always fun, Mike beers on you the next time I am in HEL or on me when you are back on the island!

The other high notes were discovering a taste for Lapin Kulta with Aaron Porter from Aberdeen Cloud… a cool dood from Nevada in Helsinki via Malta and a whole bunch of other places! looking forward to meeting up with Aaron in England. Could have been DrupalCampNW in November but am going to be out in the Eastern parts of the third rock on those dates…  and of course meeting the organiser Emma Mäkinen from Wunderkraut in person was great.

As for Helsinki/Finland, this was my second trip there and the opinion remains unchanged COLD country Super WARM people!… and looking forward to the Spring DrupalCamp in Helsinki.

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