Building borderless entrepreneurial ecosystem – Peace Through Prosperity and 9others – road to Yemen!

At Peace Through Prosperity we know firsthand the impact people-to-people support networks bring, having a trusted network is something no entrepreneur should be without.

With 9others we have been delivering these for micro-entrepreneurs in marginalised communities since 2014. Combined with our mini-MBA and coaching programmes for micro-entrepreneurs this additional level of support has become an invaluable compliment for beneficiaries we work with. Continue reading

Nationocide – ابادة الامة

Transformation Nationocide change radicalisation The fluid situation in Middle Earth is likely to make this post out of date by the time it gets posted, distributed and read.

Back in Jan 2013 I wrote a post on the state of minorities in Pakistan that are and remain at the sharp end of extremist violence that has plagued Middle Earth; from Syria to Indonesia. Since then time permitting I have been  researching the current state and my opinion has somewhat diverged, the violence has accelerated across the board be it intra or inter religion, the gulf between communities and the wider polarisation of communities has grown deeper roots and little points in the way of it receding or heading in the right trajectory. Unfortunately as has the level of desensitization of the 99% towards the 99%… accelerated that is… both in locale and here at home in Britain. Be it the Rohingyas, the Sunnis, Shias, Christians, Hindus or whatever other denomination being targeted or killed in mass, we have grown a very thick skin to facts that going back a decade would have had us out in the streets protesting.

Whilst in 2013 I was of the opinion that there was an active campaign that ought to be classified as the ‘Genocide of minorities’ in Pakistan, today I believe the issue is wider, its not just minorities being killed by bombs and hit squads it is pretty much every one! from Shia’s, Barelvis (who represent the majority of the Sunni population of Pakistan), Ahmedis, Deobandis to more hardliners from across the sectarian spectrum. It does not stop there, it goes beyond the confines of one religion and includes the indiscriminate attacks on Christians in Punjab and forced conversions of Hindus in Sindh. The violence is indiscriminate, it goes beyond genocide, it is a planned systemic dismemberment of communities that loosely make up what could be called a nation.

Delve further into it and you will see that the data reveals a darker plot… what can only be described as systemic social culling of talent and potential leadership of communities, from the assassination of moderate individuals of note on all sides to that of future potential community leaders. From religious seminaries to lawyers, doctors, teachers and entrepreneurs… selective social culling has reached epic proportions in Middle Earth.

This  is not confined to Pakistan, it is across Middle Earth (remember Hariri!). At the moment I do not have the resources to take a deep dive in to the data from Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Iran but similar violence plagues all of these societies, at times perpetrated by the state, at times sponsored by the state or instruments of the state and more often than not sponsored by external agents of unwelcome change.

The outcome of nationocide is in front of us in Iraq, I am sure this was not the desired end result for any or all sides behind the sponsorship of the various parties from across the sectarian, religious and tribal spectrum in Iraq, the outcome; an ISIS lead state can not benefit any group regional or otherwise. The current state in Iraq has reached an irreversible point, and the inevitable dismemberment of the country will only trigger the next stage in the calamity that Middle Earth is heading towards and its repercussions will go beyond the region.

Arming and training proxies after proxies is not the answer, I don’t know what is… but common sense or just sense seems to in short supply from Washington to Islamabad, Ankara, Baghdad, Brussels, Cairo, Damascus, Doha, London, Riyadh and Tehran included.

The Saint of Transformation is needed to perform an ordained miracle here! the job’s too big for Batman!

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9others dinner in Karachi with Entrepreneurs of circumstances

9OTHERS-logo Another short trip to Karachi with a full on agenda; a conference to speak at, SCRUM & Kanban trainings to deliver, a Mini-MBA curriculum to review, patrons and board members to catchup with, bureaucracy to on-board, politicians to win over and plenty to catch up on.

All of that aside the most interesting engagement had to be hosting 9other’s second dinner in Karachi, a dinner with a difference. The usual suspects at any 9others’ global dinners are tech heads, startups, lawyers, soon to be movers and shakers of a multitude of sectors, most using technology platforms as the basis of their empires to be… all meeting up with the common goal of gaining the aid of others for their own successes and of course extending their assistance to aid the success of others.

9Others is undeniably an awesome concept and over the years has created a helpful and powerful community, it is about time the power of the network was introduced to entrepreneurs who need it the most; entrepreneurs of circumstances that Peace Through Prosperity (PTP) is engaged with.

Mobilising was a challenge, for our guests were alien to the concept of 9others as well as networking to help grow their businesses, these are individuals who work 12-14 hours a day, 7 days a week plying their trade on street pavements as cobblers, hawkers, fruit and vegetable vendors or street barbers. They get little time if any to network with their peers and have little appreciation for peer sourcing solutions to their business challenges.

Having said that Nasir Shah the SCRUM Master and team leader for the PTP field team and Abdul Rasheed the project manager for the Mini-MBA project did a superb job at convincing and gathering 9 entrepreneurs of circumstances for the dinner.

9others dinner in Karachi with Entrepreneurs of Circumstances - Peace Through Prosperity On arrival our guests were amused at the principle of the invitation, it is rare for them to be invited to a restaurant without occasion, more amusing the notion that it will be beneficial for their businesses, most of whom have been struggling with for years if not longer. There was some element of mistrust since unlike the usual 9other dinners as hosts we were picking up the tab, and if anything these folks know there is no such thing as a free dinner.

Nasir who also happens to be a linguist with 5 local languages in his tool kit did well to set the scene and explain that we wanted nothing more than them to attend, try it out and at worst they will be dined at our expense and at best they will gain a peer network.

The trades we had in attendance were,  four fruit vendors, one vegetable vendor, two juice vendors and two street cobblers all from Qayyumabad in Karachi, Pakistan. To begin with our guests were  trepidatious, then shy, Shehzad Khan a 50 year old fruit vendor found the whole thing a little amusing though there was more scepticism there than amusement. The rules were laid down, share your recent successes, your upcoming challenge and lets help each other overcome the challenges and learn from the successes of others. It was a struggle to irk out successes since they saw none worthy of being shared until Anwar a 33 year old street cobbler broke the ice saying he had a bumper day a couple of weeks ago when he managed to earn 400 rupees in a single day (that’s £2.40 / $4) and with that we had a benchmark for success and the rest followed with their own tales of awesome successes they had had over the last week, month and more.

Peace Through Prosperity 9others The challenges part had to be curated, some of our guests assumed since there was free dinner on offer there might also be free capital on offer too, we had to interject and make it clear we were there to help them help each other and there was no capital on offer, we could assist them in obtaining micro-finance loans but only after they had completed the Mini-MBA program and there too proven that they were capable of growing their businesses, cutting down on expenditures, developing new services and increasing their margins. With that done the nature of the challenges being aired changed, though they may seem insignificant to us they are mammoth if we stand in their shoes.

With Katie and Matthew’s blessing Peace Through Prosperity shall be hosting a 9others dinner in Karachi every fortnight across the seven neighborhoods  the Mini-MBA program is being delivered for the six selected street based trades. You can learn more about 9others here, and about Peace Through Prosperity here.

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Britain’s place in the world after UK Parliament’s historic ‘No’ vote for war

Time for Great Britain to go to class on the Syrian conflict  Great_Britain_2013_1 Cameron, Osborne, Nick and the minority of our Parliament did not quite get what Britain said to them with a NO vote for going to war with Syria. George Osborne thinks “…there will be a national soul-searching about our role in the world and whether Britain wants to play a big part in upholding the international system, be that a big open and trading nation that I’d like us to be or whether we turn our back on that,” To the contrary I’d argue Britain found its soul! an independent mature soul that no longer wishes to tow the line wherever it may take us, instead puts the will of the British people / common sense and the good of the world first! Britain has a heritage and depth of experience that is unparalleled in the western world when it comes to dealing with foreign cultures and conflicts, and it is the elder statesmen in Britain that needs to put the right foot forward and lead the world in resolving the Syrian crisis. Britain should reinvigorate the dialogue to resolve the conflict… which means Cameron and William Hague need to do some soul searching themselves. David Cameron, Nick Clegg, George Osborne and William Hague – do you still want to align yourselves with Saudi, Qatari and Turkish interests or are you now ready to put Britain’s interests first. In my some what simplistic opinion my government needs to work with the United Nations and seal the Syrian borders, preventing the flow of arms to Saudi/Qatari/Turkish backed Al-Qaeda terrorists as well as to the Syrian national army (from Iran) – thereby starving all sides of ammunition. Enforce international law on Syria’s borders. Play the role of the mature state. Table a resolution at the United Nations to place embargoes on Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Iran for financing international terrorism, which all of these countries are guilty of. PeaceTHroughProsperity_At_NOWAR_Rally_2013_Aug At the same time work with the Russians to contain Iran and Hezbollah, work with the United States to contain Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. This will get all sides to the table for dialogue. Russian’s are not fools, we have been talking peace with them for Syria whilst turning a blind eye to Saudi, Qatar and Turkey providing arms to the Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria, time to play fair Mr Cameron and stop looking both ways. The eventual solution may be dismemberment of Syria, it may be free and fair elections to unite Syria… or it may be something else but whatever it is, it can only be explored and arrived at through dialogue in the right environment for dialogue. Britain can take the high ground on the table of elders by playing the game of an elder statesmen; and that is Britain’s soul.

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No thank you we do not need a spring…

Home_Office_Van_Campaign_2013 copy My govt. is guilty of stirring up tension and division in the UK illegally, there is no question about it.

They have been challenged in court and an organisation’s ability to do so is some of that awesomeness that makes Great Britain a tad bit greater every day. In Britain we have embraced social, cultural, civil evolution and are working our way through it pretty well, better than most if not all of the current models in play across the globe.

In Britain we have the 2nd and 3rd most diverse cities in the world, and to ignore the fact that the future is diversity is…. well sheer stupidity!

Mr Cameron and his Conservatives are rattled by the possibility of a loss or another coalition govt at the ballot in May 2015 and they are panicking!

Mr Clegg you have the ability to put an end to this… but do you have the will to do it? … the word is you love your position too much.

Playing on issues that pander to the right and far right is a very slippery slope.

Indulging ignorance to win votes is not very clever, Sarkozy did it, Romney did it and they both failed. The way the coalition is going about it is closer in flavour to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto pandering to the religious right in an attempt to breakup his opposition and that nation has been paying for it ever since.

As Britons we need to be actively concerned and ensure Britain does not need a British Spring to be Great again.

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