Stopping an Un-Islamic State – an alternative approach to our security revisited 2017

unbent and unbroken Great Britain Our security and emergency response services are amazing with their response times at and followup after the fact, our intelligence services on top of their game on pre-emptive measures. However what are our politicians doing to address the current and ineffective approach to counter the spread of extremism? both at home and abroad?

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Peacebuilding through economic development – Countering the IS/ISIS Narrative

UK-US-Flag IS/ISIS and its ilk promise a better society for current and future generations through its narrative of change   under its Caliphate. Individuals at the sharp end are desperate for social change and will buy into whosoever promises a better future state for them and their family. President Obama and PM Cameron both talk about a generational struggle against extremism, yet we do little to empower the marginalised working poor to build a better future for themselves, their family and their community.

It is not only the West that is embroiled in a generational struggle against a poisonous brand of Islamic extremism, the front line in this struggle is in the East (in the Middle East, in Africa and in South Asia) where this poisonous narrative has taken deep roots.

The things we take for granted in developed economies; governance, regulations, access to institutions, resources both public and private to guide us and assist us, be it starting up small business or awareness of our rights. These privileges and safety nets are non-existent at the sharp end in conflict affected developing economies.  The citizens of these developing countries are not oblivious to the fact that it is the role of the state to provide such services and the state’s inability to do so has them seeking governmental and social transformation, individuals the world over chase the opportunity to build a better life/future for themselves, their family and community. People the world over want a life of prosperity, progress and peace not jihad, but the lack of a progressive transformation has given IS/ISIS an opportunity to exploit with a false hope of a better future under their Caliphate. 

What is required is for us to engage with the ‘at risk’ populous and course correct the social transformation that is already in motion. A small team with limited resources at Peace Through Prosperity has been engaged with marginalised individuals to empower them to build a better future for themselves, their family and communities; giving them the confidence of being the catalyst for transformation of their ecosystem. The team is achieving phenomenal results; the aim is to ensure IS/ISIS and its ilk have fewer and fewer individuals to radicalise both at home and abroad.

GoFundMe2 Peace Through Prosperity engages with marginalised and alienated individuals to ensure they have good reason to turn their backs on radicalisation and violent extremism, to condemn such acts rather than glorify them and their perpetrators. Just as IS is able to exploit moments when we let our guard down we avail the opportunities in the ecosystem to alienate IS/ISIS in its own environment from the indigenous population. It is peacebuilding through economic / enterprise development at the grass roots.

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Stopping an Un-Islamic State… an alternative approach 

unbent and unbroken Great Britain Friday the 26th 2015, 9th of Ramadhan, monsters we have come to know as IS struck across three countries – Tunisia, France and Kuwait – Britain could have been on the list (God Forbid) if not for our intelligence services or the lack of intelligence on IS member, Junaid Hussain’s part (Hallelujah for the lack of grey cells in his genetic makeup).

Whilst many were quick to blame the security and intelligence services in letting down their guards none so far have questioned the prevalent approach employed to counter the spread of extremism.


In Kuwait, a suicide bomber flew in from Saudi Arabia and carried out an attack on a mosque killing 27 people within hours of landing in Kuwait city (an impossible feat without an extensive local support network). In Tunisia, a lone gunman killed 38+ tourists at a seaside resort most of them Britons (once again not possible without an extensive local support network creating violent extremists out of  disenfranchised youth). In France, a Frenchman was beheaded by a Frenchman (an Algerian or Moroccan lone wolf radicalised either at home or in North Africa). The Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility for the attacks in Tunisia and Kuwait whilst the French terrorist’s affiliation is yet to be determined.
Each of these attacks demonstrated systemic planning and radicalisation of indigenous individuals Sousse PREVENT RADICALISATION ISIS ISLAMIC STATE by IS. It is time we seriously considered an alternative approach to ensure IS and its ilk have fewer and fewer individuals to radicalise both at home and abroad. It is time to win hearts and minds at the grassroots, to engage with marginalised and alienated individuals to ensure they have good reasons to turn their backs on radicalisation and violent extremism, to condemn such acts rather than glorify them and their perpetrators. Just as IS is able to exploit moments when we let our guard down we must exploit the opportunities before us to alienate IS in its own environment from the indigenous population.


We did not get peace in Northern Ireland because the terrorists wanted peace! we got peace because the indigenous population got sick of the cycle of violence which had no gain for either side in sight, the populous was convinced of the loose-loose outcome of the status quo. People the world over want a life of prosperity, progress and peace not jihad.


The only way to end this cycle of violence is for governments to invest on empowering the local indigenous population be it uneducated marginalised street merchants that may provide an extensive support infrastructure or disenfranchised graduates who are willing and able fodder for attacks on home soil and abroad. 
This is a common sense approach, IS is entrenched and playing the long game, they are building a state out of chaos and we too must play the long game if we are to ensure these monsters can never carve out a nation state from the chaos in the Levant and North Africa.
Generational-social-transformation Countering IS radicalisation at an individual level in Africa and Asia is less than the cost of a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG), it costs US$470 over a 10 month period to transform an individual at risk of radicalisation in a marginalised neighbourhood both materially and psychologically, to take them from someone who may condone violent extremism as a means for social transformation to someone who condemns it and has other means to transform themselves, their family and community. It costs US$500 to purchase an RPG grenade and a shed load more for the RAF bombs Mr Cameron wants to drop on Syria and Iraq.
Whilst we invest in ever more sophisticated surveillance technologies and infringe even more individual rights to keep ourselves and our society safe why not invest in the ‘right’ programs at the other end too and see what results social transformation bear upon our security at home.
The results of a pilot project targeting 214 marginalised individuals from seven radicalised neighbourhoods in Karachi, Pakistan proves that the alternative approach works. Providing marginalised individuals the tools and skills to take charge of their future, become financially independent has a direct relationship with their view of the world as their enemy, their view of licit and illicit vehicles for social transformation. 
You can read all about it here and if you agree with this alternative approach perhaps you can poke your MP or Congressman/woman to wake up to the fact that security of our towns and cities begins abroad… with Agile designed and delivered programs that are low cost and deliver immediate and lasting impact on the individuals, their family and community. 
The program referred to in the post above is run by Peace Through Prosperity a charity co-founded by the author to address violent extremism. You can learn more about the charity and its work here;
Peace Through Prosperity is a community funded organisation, do your part in helping them do theirs; you can donate here via Paypal or directly to their bank account;
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Gifts from Arabia – facts and biases

1280_Chess_World My recent post following yet another massacre of unarmed civilians belonging to a minority in Pakistan has drawn fire from a few folks in Middle Earth. 
Folks, our facts are informed by articles, based on research we rely on others to conduct because we do not have the time, resources or expertise to do so our selves, i.e. news papers and journals.
Though all news, views and editorials are biased the ones cited by me are likely to be less so than others (my main source is the Guardian not a Murdoch publication!), should you not agree with it then feel free to google and arrive at your own conclusion; my recommendation though is that you add the following publications to your list of must reads sources of news and views (links below are contextual to this post):
Let’s look at the facts, in a world of proxies the most well funded and dangerous ones emanate from Pakistan, brainwashed fodder from marginalised and uneducated communities that is used to oppress and slaughter minorities at home (destabilising the Pakistani state and making it possible for the patrons to nurture more of the same) and abroad to extend foreign policy matters that patron state(s) can not be seen to be involved in directly, essentially nurturing others to do their dirty work. Those of you who accuse me of bias, I ask you to follow a thread…ask a simple question; who is the single largest contributor/funder of schools (Madrassas) of hate and training camps for monsters in Pakistan? Don’t take my word for it, google it and draw your own conclusions.
No state is free of sin in the region or beyond, that is the nature of state craft; in context to this and the previous post; be it Saudi or Iran, whilst this exchange on g+ may read as a Brit and a Saudi having it off it is far from that.
The despots, tyrants, mullahs,  democratically elected self serving puppets and armed forces lead by generals of fortune have for too long kept the 99% divided, have pitched communities against communities, race against race so that they can maintain the status quo and continue their plunder, continue to take what rightfully belongs to the many and divvy it up amongst themselves and their cronies.
They play their games at the expense of the commoners – the 99%, the play is simple in Middle Earth, from Levant to Khorasan divide, rule and plunder; its about access to markets; routes for oil and gas pipelines; empire building. The choice however is ours, let them continue, side with them, be a silent witness or stand up and demand things change. It is in fact a moral duty to help the blinkered see how they are being used and abused, what it means to be a community and how theirs is being dismembered beyond recognition and driven into an abyss of sectarianism and hatred from which there will be no roads out for generations to come.
My rants will cause no harm and your defence of highly questionable policies of your government no benefit, what is needed is an awakening, one that can not be bought off by one of bonuses nor quashed by force. 
My own government is not free of blame either for those despots and tyrants are an extension of our self serving energy security policies too, the difference is, in my country (Great Britain) I can call a spade a spade without fear of consequences nor do I need to be seen to be defending the indefensible, whilst in Middle Earth the many can not critique without dire consequences. What comes of protestors in the Middle Earth from the Levant to Khorasan is well documented.
Make no mistake neither Iran nor Saudia will benefit from the fire that they are equally responsible for having started across the region nor will Turkey or others for fanning the flames, despite their delusions of grandeur they themselves are mere pawns in a greater game that has been at play in that region for 200+ years.
I have no solutions or silver bullets to share but I will keep calling a spade a spade be it a Saudi, Iranian or the self serving misguided adventures of my own government, and where it leads to oppression, persecution and genocide my voice will be louder still.

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Digital inclusion – Bridging the Digital Divide – a case study

on-included Open source, open data and digital inclusion; a state, a condition and a right.

Digital inequality has meant those without access and means are restricted to their immediate market, Digital exclusion impacts the individual, the family, community and increasingly the ability to engage in the political and democratic process.

Peace Through Prosperity

The hypothesis; if we make the products and services of the micro-entrepreneurs accessible to the digitally included,  their micro-businesses will experience further growth and innovation in Karachi; a rapidly growing megacity in the developing world.
Within the Project’s environment (i.e. Karachi) majority if not all of the informal economy is digitally excluded; their services and wares are not discoverable online, therefore invisible to the digitally included. Simply not on the screens of the side where the wealth rests. Without a bridge connecting the two, likelihood of access to wider opportunities for the digitally excluded are greatly reduced. Connecting the two is a win-win, it provides all involved access to wider opportunities it.

Digitally Lead Social Transformation

PTP-GPS-EoC-Map_Dec-2014 Peace Through Prosperity is building that bridge for the 214 micro-entrepreneurs engaged in the project in Karachi and making them, their goods and services discoverable to the digitally included in the city and beyond.
Peace Through Prosperity is narrowing the digital divide further by making selective data on individual micro-entrepreneurs Open for local tech-entrepreneurs to make use of to create a wider market place for the micro-entrepreneurs. For example by building an App that uses the open data to enable the digitally included to locate fruit and vegetable vendors who provide home delivery services, or finding the juice and snack cart with the highest ratings in their locality… the opportunities are endless!
I shall keep y’all posted on progress.

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