Blockchains, Distributed Ledger Technology, Cryptocurrencies – starter pack


I have been dipping in and out of Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology, Cryptocurrencies for a while, but deep dived only recently.

Any how I’ve found a bunch of resources very informative (and readable) so far, and in the spirit of open source, putting it out there, may help others get to signals sooner and if you have your own finds to share, all the better. It’s a starter pack introducing block chain foundations and potential. Continue reading

Peace Through Prosperity- 2017 a retrospective – inspect, adapt, expand. #Agile #OpenSource #SocialTransformation

Third Cohort of women entrepreneurs partaking in Peace Through Prosperity's mini-MBA program.

Third Cohort of women entrepreneurs partaking in Peace Through Prosperity’s mini-MBA program.

2017 was epic, turbulent, encouraging, phenomenal, hard, exciting, exploratory, reflective, transformative, fulfilling and a successful year for Peace Through Prosperity. Thanks to its incredible team, ambassadors and supporters. Thank you all.

2017 by numbers

  • 9 month engagement in 11 marginalised areas of Karachi, Pakistan
  • 304 male beneficiaries completed mini-MBA for micro-entrepreneurs
    • across 5 separate trades*
    • delivered average revenue growth: 10%
    • average profitability growth: 108%
    • and created 19 new jobs.

In real terms this translates to individual micro-entrepreneurs taking home an extra $142 per month. Their daily net (take home) income has grown from $4.4/day to $9.13/day. That’s not it! 19 unemployed individuals found jobs created by the growth experienced by the micro-entrepreneurs. An individual micro-entrepreneur and their immediate family benefited for sure, and so did their local community. Continue reading

Bringing Peace Through Prosperity – reflecting on years past #SocialTransformation #Delivered

Peace Through Prosperity #SocialTransformation #Delivered

Theses are not bold hashtags! six years on Peace Through Prosperity’s programs, team and beneficiaries have delivered exactly that. Its Fact not Fiction!

For the unfamiliar Peace Through Prosperity aims to stimulate growth of micro-businesses operating in vulnerable or underserved communities, particularly those affected by conflict and terrorism. Peace Through Prosperity set out to empower individuals and to prove to them that they themselves can affect positive change and progress, to build a better future for themselves, their family and community.

The approach also provides a counter narrative to social transformation than that peddled by extremist organisations.

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Pause, reflect – lets celebrate journey of a team #SocialTransformation #Heroes


What better way to spend a Sunday in Karachi than reminiscing and sharing Peace Through Prosperity (BringPTP)’s success with y’all.

Let me set the scene real quick!


  • Peace Through Prosperity (BringPTP) brings its social transformation programs to Karachi. See this if you’re not familiar with BringPTP’s work.
  • BringPTP set’s about building the delivery team for what is to be the largest engagement in what is and remains a very challenging engagement.
  • Attempt 1 fails fast, and the delivery team is down to three! that reflection is for another post but it’s worth stating; for this program BringPTP hired MBAs, Tech and Social sciences graduates, of the seven hires all but one made the cut in the field, it was a brutal sprint and bloody retrospective!… and yes there was a lot of drama!
  • Attempt 2 yields a team of 9 all potential (very rough) gems, all hired from within marginalized communities they are soon to engage. There are two team members  with Higher Education qualifications, some have secondary schooling but others are only literate. None have ever been through any formal professional training of any sort or undertaken anything like this. Overall the team is hired on their street smarts, courage and a hunger for socio-economic transformation in their communities.
  • The newly formed team’s training and coaching lasts for two weeks with key areas of focus being; BringPTP’s programs and Agility (Scrum), Majority of the training and coaching delivered was in the field itself.
  • The team takes a cautious start to the project. There are many failures along the way, the team inspects, learns, adapts and keeps moving forward whilst delivering phenomenal, phenomenal results!
  • The team isn’t quite self organizing yet, but they are well on their way!

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Political Transformation in Modern Britain – From New Labour to Labour

Westminster Palace 2013

Anthropologists see politics as the process in which societies negotiate their own aims and the means to reach them, and political organisation as the relations of power that shape the process and influence the outcome of this negotiation.

With Jeremy Corbyn elected as the leader of the opposition Britain is announcing to those who can listen beyond the noise of engineered consent (of which almost all our media outlets are guilty) that we need, want and are actioning change. This is not a gamble for authenticity, or simply enriching the political debate in our Parliament, it is a vote of confidence for values that made our society great. 

It is a very British ‘spring’,  a rebellion in the face of a sterile political landscape where the only option has been right of centre since 1997. It is our very own transformation; under new labour (wannabe conservatives), the green coalition and now a conservative government we have tried different variants to explore who has the fix for our fracturing and regressing society. We have seen little to no progress to address the plight of the working class, poverty is on the rise, gulf between the classes ever growing, middle Britain getting squeezed whilst the 1% are thriving.

It is not just a change of leadership, it is a significant shift in our politics in over two decades, of course the media is going after this catalyst of change, the character assassination, telling of half truths and scaremongering is designed to engineer our attention away from the real issues that we need the current opposition to address in parliament. Sure I don’t agree with a lot of things Corbyn’s pitching but at least in Corbyn’s Labor we have a choice that is different.

With no difference amongst political parties and their values there is no choice, with no choice nations get lethargic and we stop engaging in political debate and stop influencing the landscape, that is when fascists get the opportunity to seize control.

We have been in need of a strong Left to course correct and keep the Right in check, and with this sea change in labour we might just get that; an agent to renegotiate the terms and means to secure a future for the many and not just the few.

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