The Right is Rising – Regressive Transformation

Far-Right-Parties-2015 The world is going to shit and shit is moving closer to home.

An anti-fascist, anti-establishment institution that laid bare the ills, evils and warts in society gets attacked by a fascist group further strengthening the rise of fascists in Europe and beyond.

Opportunistic politicians from across the spectrum jump on the opportunity to make currency out of another atrocity, what Charlie Hebdo stands for finds itself under attack… again by monsters after the fact.

They are getting closer and closer…. fascists in all shapes and guises, in the name of God, colour, ethnicity, liberty, pushing fascist wares at us. Working hard to convince us to build walls and burn bridges for the sake of our own safety.

Tweet-Rupert-Murdoch-Controverisla_Rowling_is_just_one_of_many_celebrities_politician-a- Divisions and inequality are the seeds sowed by our ancestors whose bitter fruits we reap, we talk of an unwillingness to integrate, but what have we done to facilitate that journey for 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations of migrants who were shipped in for cheap labor and pushed to the fringes once they had served their purpose. Or for that matter the indigenous inhabitants who got marginalised by the arrival of the outsiders.

Our social framework is geared to consume and discard, it is broken.

Ghettos-and-Greed-Quote Be it Berlin, Bradford, Paris, Lille or London there exist ghettos of discontent and marginalisation, not limited to a single brand of God, ethnicity or colour. Breeding grounds for purveyors of darkness and monstrosity, again not limited to a single brand of God, ethnicity or colour.

Fascism in all its guises is on the rise, one feeding of another. Lets be careful of the narratives we buy into; those that break down the walls, uproot the inequality and divisions that risk setting us back a century, the darkness our ancestors fought against not too long ago.

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