Visiting the Aman Foundation

Aman Foundation Karachi This trip has been in the works for about 8 months, even though my stay in Karachi was super short I finally made it to the AMAN foundation to meet with Dr Rabbani, though we almost turned back having been stuck in traffic in Korangi for about 45 odd minutes on the way there.

I got a tour of the facilities, thank you Usman, it was most informative and refreshing!

Connecting with Dr Rabbani was delightful and given the nature of Peace Through Prosperity’s work very informative, thank you for sharing your experiences.

for those of you who don’t know about the  Aman Foundation, it is a not-for-profit trust, based and operating in Pakistan. At the core is hard skills development, that lead to increased opportunities of employability in Pakistan or in the region. AMAN works in the areas of:

Healthcare – with systems ranging from Emergency Medical Response, Community Health Workers, and Telehealth initiatives to Mother-and-Child Hospitals.Aman Foundation Karachi

Education and Skills – with a Vocational Training Institute designed to transform unemployed and untrained youth into productive members of society. THIS is what got our attention at Peace Through Prosperity (PTP).

Nutrition – with an emphasis to provide nutritious and hygienic food to school children to reduce hunger and malnutrition, simultaneously increasing enrolment and attendance.

I look forward to exploring opportunities where AMAN and PTP  can align our objectives  to be a part of the wider change together.


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