9others in Dubai - the ups and downs

2013-04-06 20.23.15OK so earlier today 9others in Dubai, got canned because we did not have the numbers to make it worth while... after it had been canned folks started calling in asking for it to be hosted regardless! so I had to relent and it happened! a good meal with 9others came to Dubai on the 6th of April 2013 with the drama reflected in the days weather too... sand storms followed by rain! summed up the mood!We had 7 folks attending the dinner (never quite got to ordering food, it was a liquid dinner), the venue was Bar 1897 at the Kempinski - Emirates Mall.... the mix was great, we had finance, alternative & renewable energy (all the way from Germany), new media, media buying, techDubai April 2013 Kubair Shirazee and the local TedX organiser attending! and everyone came to each others aid like cavalry! some of the challenges thrown at the group were strategic... like raising $7 mil for a client in the next 4 weeks to more operational... delivering a project in the renewable sector in the next few months. The locals (if there is such a thing in Dubai!) clicked with the concept and we have a number of hosts to take the dinners forward in Dubai!Three good meals with 9others in a week in 3 cities :) my work here in Middle Earth is done, off to Blighty in 3 hours! OoRaH

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