Getting our Drupal ON...

Getting our Drupal ON for DrupalCamp Pakistan - going to Lahore!

Drupal CampIts been four odd months since the first DrupalCamp in Pakistan was held in Islamabad and it was Epic. When I took upon my self and convinced team @Ikonami with the responsibility of bringing the Pakistani and other other Drupal communities out on the fringes into the fold of the Global community in earnest, we set ourselves a task… 3 camps per year visiting each major city in Pakistan and to adopt a similar strategy for any geography we go out to evangelise in!Pakistan is our first port of call, Ikonami has an offshore Drupal Development Centre based in Islamabad so logistically it made sense to be the spot for the first trench!It is time for the second Drupal Camp Pakistan and its being held in Lahore, we have a  kick ass venue - the University of Central Punjab, we have 7 international speakers confirmed, an awesome trainer running 3 marathon sessions to introduce new blood and talent into the Drupal fold and several local Drupal Jedis taking time out to share their knowledge and experiences, we have three sponsors so far, two confirmed, one of whom is now becoming a regular sponsor we hope @AberdeenCloud and this time round we even got @Acquia's attention, And the tickets are flying off fast on still need to volunteers to come forward to help us on the day, a few more local sponsors, a few session slots are still open and available should anyone want to step in and share their journey and experiences and then we will be all set to rock Lahore!...and once done with Lahore Drupal Camp Pakistan is going to the city of lights! Karachi in the Summer of 2013 and for that we are already connecting with Karachiites.@DrupalAssoc  @timdeeson @UCPofficial @JacobSingh @Acquia  @Kubair @Dries @stevepurkiss @stefanvanhooft @DelishCreative @ronald_istos#DCPakistan #DrupalCommunity #DrupalCamp

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#Genocide #Fascism

#Genocide #Fascism

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