Hosting My Second 9others Meal! Karachi Ah-yay

With Islamabad under my belt, I was looking forward to hosting Karachi's first 9others. taking 9others to the third most populous city on the Rock, economic hub of Pakistan, at the cusp of exponential change…  up there amongst the most awesome cities in the world…9others came to and rocked with Karachi on the 4th of April 2013.A few thoughts:1) it was a great experience, plus I had a local to depend on to pick an excellent venue for the evening2) it was jawsome fun! times two!3) The locals connected with the concept from the get go, picked it up and flew with it! Cavalry style! seriously!4) The dinner brought the community that Karachi is to the table, and ALL its community spirit in a few individuals! Super stuff Folks SUPER stuff9others_April_KHI_2013The venue was Olivetto at the W.The mix of diners was great, it was 8others as one of the guests could not make it for good reason... from tech we had an open source product start-up and a tech services entrepreneur, Pakistan's loudest and most effective tech evangelist, from textiles; a volume exporter and a niche market chic womenswear start-up, a journo turned entrepreneur (a.k.a  the voice of the silent minority), a digital tv launch specialist, an up and coming professional digital photographer and one development sector org represented…Highlight of the evening was witnessing Cavalry come to the aid of a nascent start-up! in true cavalry style…. a moment of magic! it reminded me of Karachi many many many many moons ago. thanks 'M'… its Alive!I suspect there are quite a few folks who'd like to take on the baton from here, and knowing Karachi this is a teams job from here on!#9others #entrepreneurship #Founders #Karachi #Awesome

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