Making History - DrupalCamp Pakistan... dreamed of in England, delivered in Islamabad.

Today we made history, so lets get the date right. Saturday November 17th was the day when the first ever Drupal Camp in Pakistan took place, (for the aficionados in the global community following this closely…) yes it is happening today and I am posting this after having delivered the opening talk for which I set off from Kent at 05:00 on Friday, landed in Islamabad at 02:30 Saturday, got to gramps at 04:00 and am still standing! (had to get that in there, you have to suffer a tad bit too!)… God bless the dood who discovered coffee! or was it his goats that did… can not quite recall what David Attenborough said in that program about Ethiopia… it makes sense right now.Though today has given me material for many a Drupal tales... I will try and keep it bearable for everyone and deliver it in small doses and promise not to over milk it.Right now it is all very raw! Drupal Camp Pakistan has been in the making since the spring of 2011, it has had one false start, quite a few kicks to the crown jewels, many have sacrificed a lot to get here, many hours that could have been spent with the fam instead, at times new business development had been put on hold, many early starts, lunches, evenings to make those impromptu meetings to get things done, hours spent convincing the people this will work, playing Jehovahs witness, taking knocks from quarters who are meant to hold the Drupal fort!… though many have lauded and gouded us to do this most have stood back to see if we soar or dive! like many who visit Eiger each year with their telescopes hoping to witness the doom of an adventurer or few. I say Boom! we are f**king soaring! mofos!Though the day is not over yet.. heck its is just about started! I am might mighty proud of my team in Islamabad, from the Drupalistas to our admin crew, a few here too had their doubts but they ran off the cliff with the rest of us, thank you for your faith, dedication, hard work and simply for being you team ikonami…. you are all awesome.And though I am sure all our virtual speakers will turn up and those who do not, I will slate you later but for now, this morning, as this goes out live from DRUPAL CAMP Pakistan, thank you, you are all super stars for sparing your time for this part of the global Drupal community who am sure after today will see themselves as much part of the global community as each one of us do back in Blighty, Belgium and in Helsinki.DrupalCamp Pakistan... dreamed of in England, delivered in Islamabad.This is Kubair Shirazee, severely jet lagged, reporting from Drupal Camp Islamabad.#DrupalCampPK @DrupalCampPk

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Reporting Live from Drupal Camp Pakistan it is On… with a BUMPY start

Reporting Live from Drupal Camp Pakistan it is On… (dare I say BOOM!)