Making the Scrum Guide available in Urdu

Making the Scrum Guide available in Urdu

It has been close to five yers that the Peace Through Prosperity team translated the Scrum guide in to Urdu, it happened iteratively and incrementally of course!

At Peace Through Prosperity we have been leveraging #Scrum for many a moons with our local teams in Pakistan to deliver #nontech #social transformation programmes.

With recalibration of our own raison d’etre to focus on seeding and nurturing agility across society, it made sense to open up our translation to joe public.

As an organisation

We want to seed and nurture an agile mindset in people

So that society gets better at responding to complexity and change.

A word of caution though, Our translation is in Urdu, it is not transliteration of English into Urdu, we have used language that the masses speak and understand not the priviliged few who speak Eurdu or UrEnglish.

Scrum Guide 2017 in Urdu - Peace Through Prosperity -001.png

Lets make society resillient.

The credit for this translation goes to the Peace Through Prosperity team to Imran Siddique, Ammad Aslam and Abdul Rasheed, in that order, as for me, I tried to serve as best I could where and whenever needed. I’ll admit over the course of assisting and QA’ing the translation my own Urdu improved leaps and bounds!

Urdu speakers! please share this translation with your peers, your colleagues, your uber driver, your grocer store clerk, the guy who collects your trash, your bank teller, share and spread as far and wide across society as you can. That’d be your giveback :)

Furthermore we have left commenting on in the document, so please do suggest improvements, we’lll review all comments at least once a quarter. And those of you who are wondering where to access the guide in English or several other languages… well you can do so here.

Lastly, If you got value from what I have shared please consider giving back by contributing towards Peace Through Prosperity, you can follow, broadcast or donate.

Peace Through Prosperity (PTP) is innovating social transformation design and delivery by using Agile principles and practices to create and deliver low cost, immediate and lasting impact social development programs in ‘at risk’ communities.

We work to alleviate poverty, prevent radicalisation through empowering micro-entrepreneurs with knowledge, skills, ability and increasing their access to income and opportunities.

We support small businesses, owned/managed by vulnerable and marginalised individuals/groups in society.

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Winning in Yemen, expanding in Pakistan -  social transformation

Winning in Yemen, expanding in Pakistan - social transformation