Natural interaction - its the next big thing… naturally!

Back in November 2010 Microsoft brought out a game changer - the Kinect controller for the Xbox (and for Windows in 2012), and yet we are waiting for the game to change! the adoption of natural interaction devices be it using the Kinect controller for Xbox, Windows or the ASUS Xtion has been painfully slow outside the gaming realm and as a geek working to make Sci-fi Sci-fact it is really annoying! For me the only real NI interfaces until recently were the MS Kinect, ASUS Xtion and Samsung's Smart Interaction… everything else frankly is close but not quite there yet….. that was until Leap brought out the Leap Motion Controller which holds significant promise to take NI mainstream.For the first time ever technology is closer than ever in adapting to the natural interaction abilities and practices of its users but adoption is slow. For which there are a number of reasons:

  • The tech has to mature but that is no excuse for its wider adoption for tech keeps evolving
  • Interaction adaptation has some way to go.
  • Sensor based devices are not ubiquitous yet but getting there (once again Leap's Motion Controller at US$ ought to change that!)
  • Cross platform app development and cross platform sensors are yet to hit our desks and devices!

However the motivations for picking up the pace are there today and there is significant skin in the game! the immediate motivation is for designing for a a tech savvy ageing population, for kids in the education space, for researchers and scientists in industry... these are more immediate sells. Having said that the motivation for geeks like myself is making Sci-fi Sci-fact by designing consumer products that deliver a new generation of digital interaction experiences for the users in the home and beyond.The virtual concierge designed by myself and developed by my awesome R&D team is a step in that direction, based on the MS Kinect it is a safer and somewhat restricted version of HAL, and since we could not call it HAL we call it AL! and you can see it in action below, it has an AI bot that learns and teaches an OS CRM to learn and adapt to the user's behaviour and actions, it gathers feedback to zone in on its users comfort zone and it does not mind being turned off! unlike HAL!

AL 2012 from ikonami Technologies on Vimeo.AL's potential use is in the hospitality sector, care homes (community based care) as well as in digital marketing - making minority report styled billboards a reality today!if you are interested in learning more about AL or would like to explore how it can be adapted for your needs... get in touch.

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