Seekh Kebab Crawl

Seekh Kebab Crawl


This is blowing off steam Karachi style, feel a little burnt out by the day… close it by sampling one of the top five comfort foods on offer! seekh kebabs! So this evening undeniably the two picky connoisseurs of seekh kebab took to a few of Karachi East’s well known Kebab eateries, namely; Ansari Kebab House, Bandu Khan, Jehangir Meerat and Ghaffars’s Kebab house. Introducing our seekh kebab connoisseurs; Ishtiaq-Ur-Rehman and yours truly of course.

It was a time boxed Kebab crawl, and got short further by what we found at a couple of the more spoken of kebab houses. Our seekh kebab rating scale:

  1. Texture: how well the mince and spices are grounded and the moistness of the minced meat.

  2. Spices: balance of spices

  3. Lightness: lightness of the kebab (a subjective measure of the amount of ghee mixed in in to the mince and spices)

  4. Service.


Bandu Khan in Sindhi Muslim

We were greeted by Gul an old timer at Bandu Khan's a charming character, the right karma to kick off a kebab crawl! Bandu Khan serve their seekh kebabs in a pyrex dish keeping the kebabs hot for longer! and it works! +1. 

The balance of spices was perfect, just the right amount of ghee and of course the texture was spot on.

Abdul Ghaffar Kebab House in Bahadurabad

We were shuttled to the cashier the moment the waiters found out our order was small, the cashier informed us that Ghaffar’s don’t sell Seekh Kebab! but having made our way to this much talked about kebab house we decided to review their Chicken seekh kebabs, these were stodgy and bland waste of an otherwise pretty good chicken!

Zameer Ansari Kebab Centre in Bahadurabad

Zameer Ansari had to be the most awkward visit of the evening, much to our annoyance we found out this Kebab Centre does not sell seekh kebabs, not even chicken ones! as a self proclaimed kebab centre this is an epic fail! though they did score on service, they were damn apologetic about not serving Seekh kebabs!

Jehangir Meerat Kebab House on Tipu Sultan Road

As far as spices go Meerat’s is on the hotter side, though the texture was perfect Meerat lost out on their kebab’s not being as light as they can be, a bit too much ghee mixed into the mince for our liking. However Meerat did kill it on service! we got served the last plate of khiri kebabs without having ordered it - the chaps there know Ishtiak’s favourite kebab from their eatery! 

The Verdict!

As hard as it is to accept the favourite dig ranks a close second... it is true! Meerat sits close to but not at the top! I may have to revise an earlier post! Bandu Khan’s was by far the best seekh kebab on offer between the eateries we visited.

Until the next crawl. Enjoy the kebabs and feel free to post your recommendations for us to try out in the comments.

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