Towards a better future state - part 1

If we want to find a better future state we have start by analysing the current state, its strengths, short comings, their impact on all aspects, all classes within society and so on, only then can we design a transition plan to bridge the gaps, plug the holes, build on the achievements and move towards a better/improved future state.

We are all familiar with the current state, so I will not dwell on it for long; There is exploitation, exclusion, racism, sectarianism, victimisation at the hands of state, civil society and privileged classes. Communities are suffering from direct & indirect humiliation, dignity of labour does not exist; from the street cobbler to the doctor, janitor to the VP putting up with it well aware of the fact it is wrong and unacceptable.

Similarly there is a lack of justice and/or access to justice through judicial means once again across the board; from street cobblers to foreign investors alike. The environment is unstable for investment and desperate for it at the same time. Needless to say in this environment opportunities for socio-economic mobility are rare.

The black economy is thriving (Occupy would argue its gone mainstream!) as is violent crime. In Mexico City extremists are seeing it as the rise of Satan, in Syria and Waziristan extremists are fighting Satan! both reactions towards lack of perceived options for changing their societies, communities and lives for the better.

Closer to home we are all partaking in our own transformation; UKIP! the Greens in Parliament, a Con-Lib coalition (a Green parliament!) are our own experiments with a new mix of dominant doctrines and tools for transformation.  We have options as well as the knowledge, skills, behaviour and determination to exercise them, in most parts of the world such luxury does not exist.Things will transform.

Closer to home we can predict it to some extent, further afield what that transformation will look like is anybody’s guess. The responsible thing to do is to influence and guide it in the right direction as best we can.Those who hold religion as a facilitator for radiclaisation and extremism in society are either misguided or driven to misguide the masses for their own gain (lets face it... it is topical!).

Should common sense prevail the consensus would be religions do not create radicals, society does. More precisely socioeconomic conditions and the lack of positive change on the horizon does.Leaving many with a lack of perceived options for wider change in society will create agents of transformation.

Nationalists, democrats, conservatives, martial, fascist, liberals, greens, radicals and the long tail; all exist but only a few dominate general consensus.

Reactionary societal transformations can be facilitated towards positive socio-economic growth to create an environment conducive to peace and prosperity, not egality but a state better than where the global community, the 99% are now.

But this is nothing new its not an epiphany its common sense and one that is at the heart of all domestic and international development programs. However what is amiss is  lasting impact that should have been delivered decades ago on the trillions spent in the sector by state lead donor agencies, the UN, World Bank and multitudes of NGOs working on poverty alleviation, human rights, labour rights, education and general betterment of communities, societies and economies across the globe.It is too late to curtail reactionary societal transformations facilitated by decades of negligence, corruption, exploitation and all such ilk, what is possible however is to influence and guide the transformation to ensure it finds a positive route towards a better state.

The key is a ‘data informed strategy’ to influence and gently nudge the transformation already in process in the right direction.

In part 2 I shall pick up on this and expand on how a data informed development program for entrepreneurs of circumstance in conflict affected regions is yielding incredible results from urban to semi urban environments. From the get go Peace Through Prosperity has been a brainchild of digitally led transformative experiences.

Towards a better future state – part 2

Towards a better future state – part 2

Happy Holidays Third Rock

Happy Holidays Third Rock