Upgraded to Mountain Lion - the remedy for the pain

Hey you'all... I dont usually do geek on my third rock blog but this really had me winded up... so decided to do geek and save many of you some pain...1) before you upgrade to mountain Lion bulk up on memory I upgraded to 16GB and works like a charm - and if you dont then essentially the upgrade ends up being a Windows experience!2) I have a Buffalo LinkStation NAS (LS-QL) and despite what folks are saying about it, it is awesome - and yes it wont work after the upgrade to Mountain Lion and no I dont care WHY it wont work all I care about is making it work.so after trying out many complicated solutions proposed which did not work I found one solution posted by Dan Earl that did (thank you Dan for keeping it Simple):a) open Finderb) menu click on 'GO" in the top menu itemc) click on Connect to Server (right at the bottom)d) enter: smb://linkstation_name where linkstation_name is the name you configured for your devicee) you will be prompted for the volume you want to connect and will ask you for a username and password - enter admin (as username) and your password and LIKE magic it works.Enjoy!

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