Winning hearts and minds (WHAM) is an ideal of influence that aspires to be utilised in the stead of military action but in certain instances is employed in conjunction with the use of force. In the ideal, however, one side seeks to prevail not by the use of superior force, but by making emotional or intellectual appeals to sway supporters of an opposing or divergent side.Winning Hearts and MindsThis is not a new concept and has been tried out in the field from the Malayan Emergency (with success) to Afghanistan with mixed results! Ideologies, attitudes, morality and loyalty sit higher in Maslow's Pyramid of needs than food, shelter and security.  Winning hearts and minds is only possible when approached from the belly up! it is Maslow.. it is simple.To make it simpler still; no one can win the heart and mind of an individual who is impoverished and struggling to meet the basic needs of food, shelter and security for him/herself and his/her family. Unless and until the basic needs* of the impoverished social class are addressed reaching hearts and minds is going to be a tall order, rendering winning them over near impossible.It is with this premise that Peace Through Prosperity approaches reaching hearts and minds from the belly up! by empowering the generationally poor, the displaced (those most vulnerable to be recruited by ideology or coercion by extremists) with the ability to build a better future for themselves by their own hands. Peace Through Prosperity provides and promotes an entrepreneurial approach to Winning Hearts & Minds by engaging with the bottom most rung of the enterprise ladder in society.The underlying premise of our approach is that petty crime, more serious criminal undertakings, and acts of terrorism can be largely addressed if not eradicated by the creation of opportunities, personal security, and wealth in society. We believe in helping those who help themselves with knowledge, skills and resources so that they are empowered to build a better future.To sway supporters and sympathizers of extremism we need to provide the disenfranchised, displaced communities affected by conflict or in contact with its ideology with alternative safety nets and opportunities to better their lot.* from Maslow's order these being: food, shelter, security.@Bringptp #Entrepreneurship #Founders #PeaceThroughProsperity #ThirdRock #SXSW #Peace #PovertyAlleviation

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