Reporting Live from Drupal Camp Pakistan it is On… with a BUMPY start

So it started off bumpy, well honestly it started off like a bad dream building up in to an epic  nightmare! messages got mixed up and Jacob Singh's session got missed out, Islamabad was waiting on Jacob in Banglore and Jacob was waiting on Islamabad! WTF! by the time it got sorted Jacob had to dash and an opportunity was missed…. Fuoad's session got pulled back to cover the gap and an impromptu speaker stood in to cover the crack turning into a gapping hole further in the day!The Wifi connection sucked and Aaron's awesome session was a stop start affair (sorry Aaron) but the message got through eventually! So team ikonami threw the teddy's out of the pram and the pram itself at Preston University's IT department and there was much blame shifting… lines were drawn and outside the conference hall things were going from hot to meltdown… and as if by magic a dedicated LAN line emerged! (cheeky ba*tar*s) and peace restored.At noon the tracks were split, a fat pipe sorted out, Sype and the audience cam working like a treat and the bad dream took a turn for the better and Drupal Camp Pakistan got back on happy track.DrupalCamp Pakistan... dreamed of in England, delivered in Islamabad.This is Kubair Shirazee, still pretty much jet lagged but running on the energy of the local community, reporting from Drupal Camp Islamabad.

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Reporting Live from Drupal Camp Pakistan it is On… on Happy Track

Making History - DrupalCamp Pakistan... dreamed of in England, delivered in Islamabad.